Animal Traffic

It is the third largest illegal trade in the world...

... loosing only to weapons and drugs traffic. Generates billions of dollars every year at the expense of biodiversity. In Brazil, species of our fauna mostly birds suffer the worst humiliation possible since colonial times. And 90% of animals stolen from nature to trafficking die in appalling conditions before arriving at the destination: illegal collectors, biopiracy and pet market.

The other 10% arrive in poor physical and psychological conditions to those destinations or to the hands of environmental entities. Which most are not prepared and equipped. And the fewer wild caught animals centers where the animals are also destined are overcrowded.

Knowing that the animals are extremely important in maintaining the health of natural ecosystems. Do not buy wildlife or encourage animal trafficking. And if you save, receive by donation or find a wild animal, DO NOT RELEASE IT. Search for specialized responsible entities or contact a professional preferably a biologist or veterinarian.

Report illegal wildlife trade in Brazil through the number: 0800.618080 (free)

Vinaceous-breasted Parrot